One Body, One Life. Make it Count!

In the summer of 2014 I went to a conference in Burlington, Vermont for professional development.  It was a great week and I learned a lot but the major takeaway for me wasn’t the content.  It was something a guest speaker said.  He said, “I don’t want to know your five year plan, I am sure it’s great… I want to hear about what you want to do when you are eighty.”  He went on to tell the audience that both his grandfather and father had died in their mid-fifties and never got to meet their grandchildren. The keynote speaker’s own eighty year plan included daily exercise, a loving marriage, a retirement account, and a fishing camp in Maine.  He envisioned being surround by his children, grandchildren, and hopefully his great-grandchildren.  It was as pretty as a painting, it also made my heart hurt.  I realized then I wasn’t living an eighty year plan, hell I was barely living for a five year plan.  I was twenty-seven years old.

I had not been to a doctor in five years, I had not even had my teeth cleaned since college.  I was burning the candle from both ends and it was starting to show.  I was very overweight, alway tired, lonely, and depressed.  I had a master’s degree and a solid career but not much else.   At the end of the lunch session I went outside on a grassy knoll and called all of my doctors to make appointments.  I needed to change my life, I needed to own my actions, my health, and my future.

nov 2014
November 2014

That day changed the trajectory of my life.  Since that day in July 2014 I regained my strength, wrestled control over my diet, lost over 100 pounds, found an amazing partner and gained the confidence I did not even know I was lacking.  I want to share some of the insight, tips, and habits I have learned and developed during this amazing journey.  I want to pass forward the gift that, Todd, the keynote speaker, gave to me that day back in 2014.  I want to promote positivity, inner strength, and the power of the human spirit. Nothing is out of reach if you dedicate passion and energy to your goals.   Fix your objective in your mind’s eye and reach for the stars.

sarah in bowtie

I hope you visit again.  Feel free to ask me questions about my life, my diet, my training, anything really.  I want to be a resource for others to achieve their full potential.

One Body, One Life.  Make it Count!


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